Special Graduate Admissions

Early Admission

JUNIORS and SENIORS in KU EECS are encouraged to apply for Early Application into the M.S. or Ph.D. Program (Early Application is available for the M.S. thesis and Ph.D. program). Students admitted to the Early Application program receive a six hour credit reduction upon admission, rewarding them for their exceptional preparation. Requirements: Completed at least 75 hours toward their degrees Overall GPA and a GPA in math, basic science, computer science, and engineering courses at or above 3.50 For more information, please e-mail Graduate Student Services.

Fast Track

While usually Ph.D. applicants have already completed their M.S. degree, the EECS department strongly encourages highly qualified students who are completing their B.S. degree to apply for the Ph.D. program. Such applicants must have an excellent GPA and be highly motivated to perform research and follow a career in research or academia.
FastTrack enables a faster progression through graduate studies. On average, a student receives M.S. degree after two years of study, followed by four years for a Ph.D. Students entering the FastTrack program usually complete their Ph.D. degree in five years.