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Ad Astra Per Aspera

"To the stars through difficulties” is the motto of the state of Kansas. This motto also describes the department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Kansas and our aspirations to build upon our over 125 year foundation of excellence. Since 1890 the department has graduated students who have made a difference in the world. Students from both our undergraduate and graduate programs have gone on to successful careers. They have overcome the difficulties and challenges of completing our rigorous programs through their hard work and often with the support of our generous alumni and friends. The continued support of our alumni and friends is critical to ensure that our next generation of students has the resources that they need; these resources will enable the department to produce the best graduates and research possible."


Student Development Fund

Our Student Development Fund promotes undergraduate and graduate student academic and research activities, such as travel to student competitions, technical conferences to present their research, and graduate student research.

Faculty Development Fund

Our field rapidly changes. We must have outstanding faculty supported with appropriate resources to keep our students at the leading edge of technology. The Faculty Development Fund supports faculty activities such as recruiting, travel, retention, and acquisition of specialized research equipment.

EECS Excellence Fund

Our EECS Excellence Fund allows the department to enrich our students' experiences at KU, while also responding to unplanned opportunities and unforeseen need. The EECS Excellence Fund provides unrestricted support of departmental activities, such as invited speakers, special events and corporate relations.


To discuss opportunities to invest in your EECS department, such as creating a named endowment, or to learn more about how to include the department in your estate plans, please contact Austin Ice, 785-832-7375 or

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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

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