Location: 3060 Eaton Hall

Hours: Monday - Friday; 7:30am - 5:30pm

General Policies

Students need a shop account to check out lab tools. This account is separate from the department user accounts. Required information for account creation will include proof of enrollment, a valid KU ID card, EECS e-mail address and phone number. It is advisable to verify the existence of the account prior to the first day of lab.

Students are allowed to check out equipment under their personal account only. The account owner is responsible for any equipment checked out under their account.

A KUID card is required to check out equipment.  No equipment will be issued without presenting your KUID card.

It is the individual's responsibility to verify that the items checked out are complete before leaving the Shop service area (i.e. probe kit contents). The contents will be checked for completeness upon return. If any items are missing upon return, the account will be locked.

Equipment will be checked out in a neat, organized fashion, and should be returned in the same manner. Each student has the right to refuse a disorganized probe kit, as does the EECS Shop. Lost or damaged equipment must be reported immediately. Normal wear and tear of hand tools and equipment is expected. Willful neglect or abuse will not be tolerated.

No food or drink is allowed in any of the EECS labs.

Equipment Checkout Policy

Tools can be checked out at any time during normal office hours. All checked equipment should be returned as soon as the lab period is over if not still in use.

Tools and equipment are a shared resource and, at times, used by several different labs concurrently. Scheduled labs have priority on equipment checkout.

The tool checkout program will keep track of late returns and will assign an infraction to the account, every 24 hours. Three consecutive infractions are allowed and the account will be locked on the fourth infraction accrued. The lockout will be cleared only with the authorization of the class professor.

List of tools available for checkout:

Probe kits, soldering irons, strippers, dikes, wrap tools, needle nosed pliers, xactos, screwdrivers, DMMs, solder pumps, forceps, tweezers, bread boards, and LCR's.

Fixed Equipment Care and Usage

Proper care and operation of the fixed lab equipment is the responsibility of each student. If unfamiliar with the operation of the test equipment, seek the support of the GTA. Report any equipment failures immediately to the GTA in charge of the class. If a hard failure is verified, report it immediately. For computing equip, use the Help Request system of Engineering TSC. For lab test equipment, contact Tom Colwell,

Ordering Parts

Stocked parts may be ordered at EECS Shopkeeper.

(Note: You must be logged into the EECS network to access this page.)

Most students in EECS courses will obtain parts from the lab GTA. Only students in 501/502, and 541/542 may order parts, using EECS Shopkeeper for their class projects.

GTA's should make a reasonable effort to project the needs of the course for the entire semester and convey those needs to the EECS Shop staff.

Parts for "canned" projects will be "kitted" and given to TA's for class distribution.(ie EECS140,212,412)

Parts orders will be sent to the shop account at the front Service Area. Shop Attendants will process most orders within 15 minutes of receipt. Shop Attendants will also distribute certain components (ie resistors, caps, transistors, diodes, etc. in small quantities) without formal electronic orders, for Capstone courses, if the request is deemed reasonable.

IC's will require a formal electronic order to be placed, but will not require staff approval.

Students will be granted limited access to peruse hardware items (nuts, bolts, etc.) that are stored in the front Storage Area. Students will not have "carte blanche" to all components in the storage area.

PCB Fabrication Tools

Requests for PCB milling may be made at the EECS PCB Milling Request page. This form must be fully completed before your request will be considered. Be sure to plan the "lead time" into your design and fabrication process. Boards will be milled for class projects only, and senior design courses and projects have priority. You will be notified if the shop cannot complete your milling request, so be sure to monitor your email.


Students in the senior design courses will be allowed the use of a locker located in those rooms. These lockers will be held for the entire academic year. The locker must be registered with the TA.

Security Codes

Per the class professor's discretion, security codes will be issued at the beginning of the Fall semester for Senior Design Classes. Additional codes will be issued for other classes, as needed, and as directed by faculty members. Personal security codes must not be shared. Store your code in a safe place.  It will be your code for the duration of your term as an EECS student.