Swapan Chakrabarti

Swapan Chakrabarti
  • Associate Professor Emeritus

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  • Applications of Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems in Bioinformatics and Signal Processing
  • Design of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Display Systems to approximate natural contrast ratios
  • Design of True 3D Display Systems


  • IEEE


  • Digital Logic Design
  • Algorithmic Problem Solving
  • Microcomputer Applications
  • Computer Architecture
  • Capstone Design Course for Computer Engineering
  • Digital Signal Processing-I
  • Graphics in Engineering Research
  • Digital Signal Processing-II (Adaptive Systems)
  • Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems

Awards & Honors

  • National Golden Key Honor society, 1997
  • Ned N. Fleming Teaching Award for Outstanding Classroom Teaching, University of Kansas, 1992


  • Undergraduate Program Committee
  • Ph.D. Qualifying Exam Administration committee
  • Students' Award Committee
  • ABET Preparations Committee


  • IEEE
  • SID