KU EECS Team Winner in the Regional Code-A-Thon Competition

An KU EECS team emerged as the winner in the Regional Code-A-Thon Competition, which took place on February 24-25 as a virtual event. The competition invited teams of 3-5 students enrolled in STEM-related programs at participating universities within the KC Fed's district. The event challenged collegiate teams to build innovative solutions to address real-life problems, with this year's theme being the development of something that helps people learn to use code in their everyday life.

The final round was held on March 10th at the Kansas City Federal Reserve, where the top three teams presented their app to KC Fed employees. Out of the three teams invited to the final round, KU EECS took first place. The submissions were evaluated based on their app's innovation, user experience, functionality, impact, and presentation.

KU's winning team members are Nikhil Raja, Abir Haque, Rahul Amatapu, Chase Burkdoll, and Shad Ahmed Shahul Hameed. They developed Simulearn, a webapp that presents users with a series of engaging Python coding exercises that tie beginner programming concepts to real-world home automation tasks. Their app was highly praised for its innovative approach to teaching coding and its potential impact on users' lives.

Overall, the Regional Code-A-Thon Competition was a great success, providing an excellent opportunity for collegiate teams to showcase their coding skills and creativity. More information about the competition can be found at here.

KU EECS winning team members: Nikhil Raja, Abir Haque, Rahul Amatapu, Chase Burkdoll, and Shad Ahmed Shahul
KU EECS winning team members pose with the EECS Chair Professor Erik Perrins