EvalIt: Skill Evaluation using block chain

Student Name: Jaypal Singh
Defense Date:
Location: Eaton Hall, Room 2001B
Chair: Drew Davidson

David Johnson

Hongyang Sun


Skills validation is a key issue when hiring workers. Companies and universities often face difficulties in determining an applicant's skills because certification of the skills claimed by an applicant is usually not readily verifiable and verification is costly. Also, from applicant's perspective, skill evaluation from industry expert is valuable instead of learning a generalized course with certification. Most of the certification programs are easy and proved not so fruitful in learning the required work skills. Blockchain has been proposed in the literature for functional verification and tamper-proof information storage in a decentralized way. "EvalIt" is a blockchain-based Dapp that addresses the above issues and guarantees some desirable properties. The Dapp facilitates skill evaluation efforts through payments using tokens that it collects from payments made by users of the platform.

Degree: MS Project Defense (CS)
Degree Type: MS Project Defense
Degree Field: Computer Science