Electrical Engineering Course List

Core Courses: Electrical Engineering
Course NumberCourse Name
628Fiber Optic Communication Systems
713High-Speed Digital Circuit Design
723Microwave Engineering
728Fiber-optic measurement and sensors
744Communications and Radar Digital Signal Processing
780Communication Networks
786Digital VLSI
820Advanced Electromagnetics
861Random Signals and Noise
862Principles of Digital Communication Systems
863Network Analysis, Simulation, and Measurements


Elective Courses: Electrical Engineering
Course NumberCourse Name
611Electromagnetic Compatibility
622Microwave & Radio Communication Systems
649Intro Artificial Intelligence
664Intro Digital Communication Systems
670Semiconductor Processing
725Introduction to Radar Systems
738Machine Learning
740Digital Image Processing
741Computer Vision
743Advanced Computer Architecture
745Implementation of Networks
769Information Theory
780Communication Networks
781Numerical Analysis I
782Numerical Analysis II
784Science of Communication Networks
788Analog Integrated Circuit Design
823Microwave Remote Sensing
828Advanced Fiber-Optic Communications
844Adaptive Signal Processing
865Wireless Communication Systems
868Mathematical Optimization with Applications
869Error Control Coding
881High-Performance Networking
882Mobile Wireless Networking
888Internet Routing Architectures
965Detection and Estimation Theory
983Resilient and Survivable Networking