EECS Professor Branicky to Lead National Effort in AI Engineering

The EECS department is proud to announce Professor Michael Branicky's selection to develop a national strategic vision and research roadmap for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineering.

Professor Branicky played a key role in the National Science Foundation ERVA AI Visioning Group, a critical event bringing together top researchers from academia, industry, and government. Held in Atlanta, GA from November 7-8, 2023, the event focused on shaping the future of AI research. Leading minds from organizations like Carnegie Mellon University, MIT, Google, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft participated in discussions to identify the most pressing needs in developing new AI technologies and leveraging AI for advancements in engineering research and applications.

The visioning group is currently finalizing a report that will be published on the ERVA Community website ( This report will serve as a crucial roadmap for future research directions in AI Engineering.

Congratulations to Professor Branicky for his leadership in this important initiative!