EECS Assistant Professor Yang Yi Receives Support from the Air Force Research Lab to Develop New Neuromorphic Computing Capabilities

Dr. Yang Yi, Assistant Professor in EECS, receives support from the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) to develop new neuromorphic computing capabilities. This three-year, $600,000 project   is to develop novel and fundamental methodologies for data representation using hardware-based spike timing dependent encoding for neuromorphic processors, and build a new class of computationally efficient delay-based reservoirs that meet the requirements of high dimensionality and finite memory. This project will result in an agile analog integrated circuit implementation of a spike-time encoding circuit as a signal conditioner and electronic reservoir as a dynamic processor for the reservoir computing systems. This effort will bridge high-performance computing, nanotechnology, and integrated circuits & systems.

 The project’s envisioned architecture will serve as the foundation for unprecedented capabilities in signature analysis and time-series classification with applications that fall within Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) computational intelligence and neuromorphic computing consolidated programs.