EECS Assistant Professor Receives $750,000 NSF Grant to Secure 5G Networks

Taejoon Kim, assistant professor of electrical engineering and computer science, was awarded a $750,000 grant from the National Science Foundation under the Convergence Accelerator Track G: Securely Operating Through 5G Infrastructure Program. The proposal, titled “Combating Vulnerability and Unawareness in 5G Network Security: Signaling and Full-Stack Approach,” aims to address the fundamental security challenges arising from the vulnerabilities and design weaknesses of 5G networks. 

Historically, many of the security-related and adversarial problems common to DoD have been viewed as strictly outside of the academic research purview. The project aims to change this by building upon the momentum to accelerate academic research into secure beyond-5G wireless networks. The research will be conducted by Kim (PI, KU) and a team of collaborators from Wichita State University and Purdue University.

Kim was also the recipient and PI of a $1M NSF grant earlier this month.