Computer Science Course List

Core Courses: Computer Science
Course NumberCourse Title
639Intro to Scientific Computing
672Intro Computer Graphics
730Introduction to Bioinformatics
731Introduction to Data Science
738Machine Learning
741Computer Vision
743Advanced Computer Architecture
750Advanced Operating Systems
762Programming Language Foundation I
765Introduction to Cryptography and Computer
780Security Communication Networks


Elective Courses: Computer Science
Course NumberCourse Title
638Fundamentals of Expert Systems
649Intro Artificial Intelligence
660Fundamentals of Computer Algorithms
711Security Management and Audit
718Graph Algorithms
739Parallel Scientific Computing
740Digital Image Processing
741Computer Vision
742Static Analysis
745Implementation of Networks
746Database Systems
753Embedded and Real Time Computer Systems
755Software Modeling and Analysis
764Analysis of Algorithms
767Information Retrieval
768Virtual Machines
773Advanced Graphics
774Geometric Modeling
776Functional Programming and Domain Specific Languages
781Numerical Analysis I
782Numerical Analysis II
784Science of Communication Networks
830Advanced Artificial Intelligence
831Introduction to Systems Biology
837Data Mining
838Applications of Machine Learning in Bioinformatics
839Mining Special Data
842Programming Language Foundation II
863Network Analysis, Simulation, and Measurements
866Network Security
868Mathematical Optimization with Applications
881High-Performance Networking
882Mobile Wireless Networking
940Theoretic Foundation of Data Science
983Resilient and Survivable Networking