Brian McClendon

My senior design project along with undergraduate research in radar and graphics prepared me for my first jobs designing graphics workstation hardware and software.

Brian McClendon
EECS Graduate, Creator of Google Earth and Vice President of Google

General Admissions Information

Freshmen as well as transfer students may be admitted directly into the School of Engineering and EECS Department. All admissions to the EECS Department, for both in-state and out-of-state students, are selective. Applications are judged on several factors including, but not limited to, high school record, scores on national tests, academic record at college or university level, and trend of grades. Students should take standard college-preparatory curriculum in high school, including courses in chemistry, economics, English, physics, and mathematics (through trigonometry).

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Freshman Admissions

  • Must be admissible to the University of Kansas by assured admissions or individual review AND
  • Have a 3.0+ high school GPA AND
  • Demonstrate mathematics preparedness by:
    • Obtaining a mathematics ACT score of 22+ (or math SAT score of 540+), OR
    • Achieving a ‘B’ or better in ‘college algebra’ or a more advanced mathematics course, OR
    • Achieving a ‘C’ or better in a high school calculus course; OR
    • Earning credit via IB or AP credit for the above-mentioned courses in accordance with KU placement credit requirements; OR
    • Achieving at minimum a qualifying score for MATH 104 on the ALEKS mathematics placement exam.

Transfer Student Admissions

Applications from all transfer students, whether from other institutions or from within KU, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Have a grade-point average above 2.5 in college courses.
  • Submit mathematics ACT or SAT scores or proof of competence in calculus (C or higher).