High School Summer Camp Puts Spotlight on Electrical Engineering

High school students have a summertime opportunity to learn more about Electrical Engineering. During the summer of 2014, EECS participated in the KU School of Engineering annual Engineering Summer Camp – Project Discovery for students entering ninth through 12th grades. The purpose of the camp is to introduce high school students to a field of engineering of their choosing as it showcases the university. The camp lasts for a full week and is held once in June and again in July. The section on Electrical Engineering is taught by Lei Shi Ph.D. candidate in EE; Lei received his BSEE from KU in 2005.

Students working in Eaton 3010 utilizing all of the available lab equipment.
Students working in Eaton 3010 utilizing all of the available lab equipment.

In the Electrical Engineering camp, students spend the week being introduced to a variety of topics including the basics of circuits, amplifiers, filters, and transistors. These students take a hands-on approach and utilize the equipment in the engineering design lab in Eaton Hall to test and observe each concept in real life. At the finale of the camp, the EE students utilize all their knowledge to create a breadboard circuit that amplifies and filters music from an MP3 player, such as a cell phone, and blinks LEDs based on the music they play. The students put in a lot of hard work throughout the week but in the end they all agree it was worth it. They’re even more excited that they can take their circuit home to show friends and family.

Outside of the classroom, the students spend the week living in KU’s dorms, eating at Mrs. E’s dining hall and participate on various activities such as bowling, rock climbing, and Engineering Olympics. 

Austin Cosner, an undergraduate research assistant majoring in CS was the resident assistant for the EE group during both weeks. It was obvious that the students took an immediate liking to Cosner who became both a friend and a mentor.  This is the 4th summer that Shi has led the Electrical Engineering section of KU’s Engineering Summer Camp – Project Discovery.