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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Prospective Students

Why Choose EECS?

What will you gain by becoming a student of the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science? EECS professors, who teach almost all undergraduate courses, strive to create a rich learning environment that blends theory and practice. Their vast experience provides real-world examples that underscore fundamental concepts. Several faculty members have earned national and university awards for teaching excellence. Dynamic curricula integrate key theories with the latest concepts in EECS fields while labs give you hands-on understanding of these principles. Our professors, facilities and curriculum are aligned to prepare you for future success.

You will have opportunities to conduct research under faculty direction in two multimillion-dollar research centers that support EECS research in climate change, communication, computing, human health and other complex and challenging application areas.

As an EECS graduate, you will join an elite network of alums who work for Fortune 500 companies to small startups and are helping change the world.

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EECS Disciplines

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State-of-the-Art Facilities

The 80,000-square-foot Eaton Hall, which opened in 2003, provides EECS students with superior laboratories. The Engineering Library and Computing Commons offer students additional resources and study spots. Upgrades to the eight computer labs and nine hardware labs are included in the more than $1.7 million spent on laboratory equipment in the past six years.

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