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EECS Graduates Honored at Banquet

May 18, 2010

Paul F. Huebner Memorial Awards
EECS Professor Arvin Agah presented the Paul F. Huebner Memorial Awards. Huebner received his undergraduate degree in accounting concentrating in computer science and a master’s in computer science both from KU. Huebner Awards honor teaching assistants who best exemplify the role of a teacher. They are intended to not only reward good teaching, but also to encourage students to consider teaching as a career.

Peter Adany, Evan Austin, Matthew Cook, Michael Jantz, and Christopher Redford

Richard K. & Wilma S. Moore Thesis Award
This award is given in honor of Richard Moore, distinguished professor emeritus of electrical engineering. A pioneer in the field of microwave-based satellite remote sensing, Professor Moore was a prolific inventor of remote-sensing devices that helped revolutionize the mapping and monitoring of the Earth’s surface. EECS Assistant Professor Shannon Blunt announced the Moore Awards for the best thesis and Ph.D. dissertation.

Martin Kuehnhausen (thesis) and Christopher Gifford (dissertation)

Outstanding Senior Academic Achievement Awards
This award, given to one graduating senior in EE, CS and CoE, is based on overall outstanding achievement. EECS Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies David Petr presented the awards.

Austin Arnett (EE), Thomas Boettcher (CS) and Ryan Kanoknukulchai (CoE)

Ellermeier Memorial Award
Robert Ellermeier was a former electrical engineering faculty member and associate dean of the Graduate School. Any engineering student who has demonstrated scholastic achievement is eligible for the Ellermeier Award, which EECS Assistant Professor Luke Huan presented.

Joseph Wachtel

Everitt Awards
Sponsored by the International Engineering Consortium, the Everitt Awards honor EE, CoE and CS seniors in the top 10 percent of their class and interested in areas of communications and computers, and in outside activities. EECS Assistant Professor Sarah Seguin conferred the Everitt Awards.

Gianpierre Villagomez and Nicholas Bergmann

Rummer Design Awards
Professor Emeritus Dale Rummer’s dedication to engineering design was the impetus for these awards. Seniors who complete outstanding work in their CoE or EE capstone design courses are eligible for the awards. EECS Professor Gary Minden and EECS Associate Professor Jim Stiles honored the winning teams. 

David Barbosa, Christa Curette, Alan Dang and Luke Turner (CoE)

Thomas Pittoors, Brandon Steigerwald, Christopher Willdermood and Robert Wood (EE)

Harry Talley Excellence in Teaching Award
Graduating seniors vote on the EECS professor who has contributed significantly to their undergraduate education and has developed a strong rapport with them. Eta Kappa Nu president Philip Jennings presented the award. 

Perry Alexander (This is the third time Prof. Alexander has won the Talley Award.)


Congratulations to all spring EECS graduates!

Allford, Joshua BSCS, *Arnett, Austin BSEE, Ayandele, Olusegun BSCoE, Barbosa, David BSCoE, Bergmann, Nicholas BSEE, Betancourt, Luis BSEE, Boettcher, Thomas BSCS, Bokka, Sukeerthi MSCoE, Carr, Thomas BSEE, Castillo Rodriguez, Carla MSEE, Coble, Jacob BSCS, Cook, Matthew MSEE, Crifasi, Adam BSEE, Curette, Christa BSCoE, Dandekar, Amit MSIT, Dang, Alan BSCoE, Dougan, Devin BSCoE, Epp, Justin BSEE, Fernando, Jasenthu BSCS, Gardner, Zachary BSCS, Gibbons, John MSCoE, Grissum, Morgan BSEE, Haenchen, Steven MSIT, Hinkhouse, Adam BSCoE, Hohman, Jamie MSCS, Iams, Alexander BSEE, Jakabosky, John BSEE, Jennings, Philip BSEE, *Kanoknukulchai, Ryan BSCoE, Kaufman, Jennifer MSIT, Kellerman, Nolan BSEE, Khan, Marouf BSEE, Kolman, Andrew BSCoE, Kroge, Jason MSCS, Kuch, Eric BSCS, Lair, Todd BSCoE, Leiker, Tyler BSEE, Lichwa, Michal BSCS, Ling, Ka BSEE, Marepally, Shantan MSCS, Marshall, Timothy BSEE, Mazumdar, Pratima MSIT, Mitchell, Jerome MSCS, Mohammad, Asifuddin MSCoE, Muthyala, Ramya Naidu MSCoE, Nance, Christopher BSCoE, Neuenschwander, Bowe BSCoE, Owen, Heather MSEE, Pittoors, Thomas BSEE, Player, Kevin MSEE, Quillen, Kevin BSCoE, Ramani, Prashanth MSCoE Reecs, Keith BSCS, Reeves, Glen BSCoE, Rink, Michael MSCS, Rose, Evan BSEE, Ryan, Lane BSEE, Scott, Jessica BSEE, Shikaripur Nadig, Ashwini MSCoE, Simons, Andrew BSCS, Sinha, Devin BSCS, Skelton, Joshua BSCS, Smith-Martinez, Brien MSCS, Steigerwald, Brandon BSEE, Swanson, Thomas BSEE, Tai, David BSCS, Taylor, Zachary BSEE, Tilson. Bryan BSEE, Tran, Phuong MSCS, *Tung, Brian BSCS, Turner, Luke BSCoE, Umamaheswaran, Prabha MSEE, Vantaru, Vamsreedhar MSCoE, Vetrivallalan, Kannan MSCoE, *Villagomez, Gianpierre BSCS, Willdermood, Christopher BSEE, *Wolfe, David BSCS, Wood, Robert BSEE and Zila, Jeffrey BSCoE

*Departmental Honors

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