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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Software Engineering and Management Certificate

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The objective of the Software Engineering and Management certificate program will be to unite theory with industrial-strength practices and provide a solid education in software engineering (SE). The program will provide coverage of the best practices in software development, management and maintenance. The program contents emphasize disciplined and quantifiable approaches in requirements modeling and engineering, software architecture, software project managements, and software quality assurance. The program consists of four courses (12 credit hours).

To complete the program and obtain the certificate, students must have a GPA of 3.0 or better on the required courses. Four (4) of the following courses must be completed with a grade of C or better.

  • EECS 731: Introduction to Data Science(Must be taken in the first semester in the program)

Elective Courses(3 courses, minimum of 8 credit hours required)

  • IT 810: Software Engineering and Management
  • IT 811: IT Project Management
  • EECS 812: Software Requirements Engineering
  • IT 814: Software Quality Assurance
  • IT 818: Software Architecture

*No credits may be transferred from another institution for this certificate.

*The completion of the graduate certificate program does not lead to automatic admission to the Information Technology Masters program, particularly if the student lacks the BS degree in computing or related discipline. However, for students who are able to gain admission to the MSIT program, all the credits obtained in the certification program with a grade B or higher will count toward the MSIT degree within three years of earning the certificate.